nPlayer locks up when plugged into MacBook via USB Thunderbolt cable.

  • My iPad Pro, running nPlayer Pro locks up when plugged directly into my MacBook. The app will launch, but none of the controls will respond until I unplug my MacBook, force close nPlayer Pro, and then restart it. Once unplugged, I can connect to my MacBook via Network. What information can I provide to help? I'm running iOS version 10.3.1 on my iPad, and OS X 10.12.4 on my MacBook. I'm connecting to the MacBook via Network, using an SMB connection.

    I love your app and have been using it since it was first released.

  • @eksegovia I should add that I've both uninstalled and reinstalled the app, as well as restoring the iPad to factory settings and doing a clean install, but the problem remains.

  • We have been testing this issue since it was reported, but we can not figure out it because the problem is not reproduced. We will continue to test to finding the problem. Thank you.

  • Thank you for testing. Please let me know if there are any logs or other information I can help you with.

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