Slow Network transfer speed

  • I am transferring video files from my NAS to my Ipad so that I can watch them offline.

    The maximum transfer speed I get is around 5.2 Mbytes/sec.

    My ipad is connected to the network with 802.11 AC and my access ponit is showing that the connection can transmit at 866Mbits/sec

    Itherefore should be getting a transfer rate of approximately 86 Mbytes/sec.

    What is slowing this down?

  • Maybe congestion? Interference? Router limitations. Could be your NAS... The process from the best I understand is; locate, read, transmit, receive and write. There's the requirement that all the links in the chain need to be capable of the speeds you're trying to achieve, otherwise, you'll only realize the capabilities of the weakest link. I really doubt it's Nplayer but I recommend trying other applications and do some sweet nerdy testing. Perhaps... Documents by readdle? It's free.

  • Thanks for your suggestions MisterP.

    I had already ruled out all the other factors. If I copy the files to my PC I get thee expected speed so no trouble with the NAS or network.

    It looks like it might be an IOS issue. Documents is also slow

    Has anyone else out there seen higher speeds on Nplayer than I am getting?

  • @MisterP my speed is also slow 3MB, but my other app (youku which like youtube) the speed can up to 10MB and it download from internet, why nplayer download from smb so slow?

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