SONY BRAVIA TV cast doesn't support by nPlayer

  • Impossible to use SONY BRAVIA TV cast via nPlayer..... no options....
    nPLAYER only support CHROMECAST.....

  • @Deniska

    That particular Sony TV didn't support chromecast, apps except those made to work for it. Traditional apps install every time you run them - the tv's have larger long lasting customized and improved versions for what they offer. That's the only way its chromecast like. This is common of many early Android Smart TV's, and Content controlling customers by company's for profit. It did support Airplay emulation however.

    Newer TV page disclaimers are a little more clear about chromecast app support is individually controllable by the manufacturer.

    Even the never ones do This sometimes.

    • Wait a second ! nPlayer supports Apple AirPlay! Give that a try at least!
      (also most users ended up with their problems caused by lack of internet connectivity on the TV)

    I'm attributing this to updated Smart TV's and out of date webpages, course this is for CC2 gen compatible apps only:
    Same Series TV used.

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