SMB version 2 or above

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    as it is now, it seems that nplayer supports only SMB version 1, which causes weird issue with the connection to home share. It was working fine, but as of lately, it gives me "connection reset by peer" error, while another player works fine. I really love Nplayer and want to continue to use it, could you please implement this feature?

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  • @Cookiie

    Next windows 10 build update will disable cifs 1.0 by default btw... It's schedualed for by the end of October 2017.

    • Originally Microsoft said they were going to be removing it but they've given us a small extension if we need it.
      • Big security hole found in Windows CIFS 1.0 it a few months back.
        • It was replaced with a newer version over 10 years ago -- later given a new upgrade called Direct SMB, amd now version 3.0 w/SMB Direct
          • (Direct Memory access, increases speed largely) is now available for every Windows 10 user for a year now. One would think it would be a great fix more stuttering/buffering for everyone with transfer speed issues...*

  • hi, nplayer developer, please make the SMB feature more robust, currently the speed is too slow when compared to DLAN within the same network, 10 times slower than DLAN,

  • Yes I think something changed about a month ago in an update that made a problem with SMB connections. Before this it was OK. I don't know whether nPlayer supports SMB 2 or 3, but it is definitely much worse than other apps on exactly the same video files.

  • Bumping the thread up.

    Did some extensive testing and can confirm, completely disabling SMB1 stops the app from working with home group. Given that Microsoft will remove SMB1 from the windows pretty soon because it is a mess in both speed and secutiry tools, as @zyme said, I would like to ask devs again to consider implementing never version of the protocole.

  • SMB 3 supports encryption but SMB 2 does not.

    After the latest Wifi hacks, encryption is needed!


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