Feature disabled in this month's MS Win 10 update breaks Share access

  • I Started over a year ago, 10 windows reinstalls thinking malware did something hard to detect, eventually I realized nplayer only supports windows file sharing (CIFS) 1, not 2 (used since vista/2008, or v3 from win10, or CIFS with DMA Direct Memory Access for speed (v2+3 Win8+).

    • -[I was disabling it to prevent slow connections over file sharing it as an immediate install change since most apps support v2 at least, and I wanted to make sure I was testing out DMA speed increases when it became available in a Win10 update.]

      • Good news! While microsoft originally recommend everyone disable it and said it would be removed from windows in the next update (due by end of October 2017), CIFS1 will still be there, just disabled by default.

      • Also; I get similar video performance out of OpenSSH SFTP or the built in windows 10 linux subsystem SSH/SFTP as a work-around. But setup your firewall settings and use it only privately unless nplayer updates there speed and compatibility with v2 or higher, and even better "SMB Direct"? (please!)

    • [but its a lot slower in this other app That seems like they're in a rivalry with nplayer, even the interface is similar (until they're latest edition's 2nd mode - but that's mostly for TVOS support) - They support Samba/cifs v2 and runs that much better than they run sftp, as an app less configuration settings, file management, tons more network protocalls and cloud streaming support, I'm honestly split between these two apps. ]

    So... any updates planned for soon? =)


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