smb - video freeze after start playing in 5-6 min.

  • smb - video freeze after start playing in 5-6 min. after 1-2 min. start playing again but again freeze after 2-3 min.... an so on around
    its start after upgrade to and update iOS to 11 version ( iPad mini)


  • I am getting the exact same issue only on an iPad Air. Just upgraded to iOS 11 and get the exact same freezing after a few minutes. The video will pause and "buffer" then play again for a minute then repeat the freezing. Everything has worked flawlessly up until the upgrade. I'm also using smb.

  • @AndyG Today the software ))suddenly flashed back, and the video was off, and I didn't know how to fix it. That's a bad news.italicised text

  • I am getting the exact same issue on my IPad Air (1) since updating to IOS 11. Basically nplayer for me is currently unusable as I stream all my videos from a central SMB server.

    I have no issues whatsoever watching the same videos using SMB via VLC so the issue must definitely have to do with Nplayer as opposed to my network.

    Nplayer team could you please look into this and fix the issue? Thank you !!

  • This issue has existed for maybe 3 or 4 weeks, on iOS 10 or 11 on my iphone 5s. Even after the 3.7.1 update there is still a big difference in performance compared to other apps like FileBrowser. If I skip forward or backward in a 1080p HD MP4 file in FileBrowser, there is no pause at all before video starts but with nPlayer, there is a pause for up to 4 seconds before the video plays again. I don't know if its relevant, but FileBrowser registers the connection as SMB2 (to Windows 10), but nPlayer only says it is SMB.

  • User Cookiee in the Feature Requests forum reported SMB got worse about a month ago- so I think something was changed in an update at that time that caused SMB performance to decline.


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