Hardware Decoder Support for ".Webm" Videos

  • Thanks for this great app, Recently I purchased this app, and one thing I noticed was that n-player can't play 2k/4k webm videos smoothly and have many lag on it, becuase of lack of hw/decoder. HD Video Player or VLC can play those files without any problems.

    kind regards

  • @sean There is no HW decoder for VP9 on Apple devices.

    The software codecs in nPlayer do need to be updated though.

    NEON and arm64 optimizations are seriously needed.

    Other players use optimized ffmpeg which is much more efficient.

  • @Ahmad-Moawya The HD Player Pro can play 4k vp9 (WebM) videos without any lag or glitches (It can play that video smoothly). But in overall it is not well as n-player. Also, I test that in android 6 with MX Player: it just can play those videos smoothly by h/w decoder enabled. with s/w decoder, it can't play those videos smoothly and have a lag on it.
    I think If this feature added, no video player can be compared with n-player.

    Update: Today I test that videos with the new version (3.7.1) and It seems the problem is fixed and nplayer can play those video files flawlessly (with s/w decoder - h/w decoder isn't available yet). thanks

  • @sean I’m sorry. I’m not sure why I assumed you were using an iPhone. Anyway, many android devices do support hw decoding of webm. I’m sure nplayer team will eventually enable it.


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