Playback resume without Auto Play Next Track

  • I use nPlayer on stage for playing music. I play 10 songs in a fixed order, I have them prepared in a folder downloaded to Local files. Before each song I speak a little, therefore I disabled Auto Play Next Track feature. Unfortunately, I am not able to easily continue playing of the next track using a tap on "Play" icon, because the icon is there only if I pause in the middle of a song. Furthemore, the last played track is NOT highlighted, therefore, it is quite demanding to find the next song. And even if I find a title of a next track, it takes a long time (10s with an old iPhone) to start playing.


    1. Let the last played song be highlited even with "Auto Play Next Track".
    2. Let the "Play" icon stay visible, so I can use it for playing the next track.
    3. Prepare the player for playing the next track. An ideal solution would be to enhance the options with "Stop at the beginning of the next track".

    There is quite a lot of apps that help the performers (like Stop&Go, OneTack, Play On Cue, SG Director) but they miss the strength of nPlayer like download from NAS, cloud services, lot of settings and codecs.


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