New version 3.0 question

  • Hi nPlayer team,

    I've just downloaded the new ipad version of nPlayer from the french store.
    Waouhhhh that version is really great with lot of improvements.
    I'm testing it and for the moment all works for me: i can stream all my
    Movies without downloading it. I've streamed a movie (avi and mkv with
    2 different subtitles) from google drive, from my verbatim mediashare wireless
    And from my box (livebox 2 orange) without any problem.
    Another great avantadge is that nPlayer is translated in french and the
    Translation is really very good.

    I have also some questions :smirk: :

    • what are included with in-app purchase that i need to buy ? Which
      New fonctionnalities will be available after in-app purchase ? I've seen
      That chromecast is one of them. Thank you to give us some more
      Informations about in-app purchase.

    • i have a chromecast key and would like to use it.
      Is it possible to cast streaming movies ?
      Is it possible to cast from any sources (from smb servers or
      Google drive, ...) or only from specific ones ?

    • i've bought some movies from apple itunes store. They are not downloaded on my ipad
      And i watch them by streaming with the apple tool. I can see these Movies in the
      Itunes/movie section in nPlayer. Can i stream them in nPlayer because i did not find
      How To do that ?

    Thanks for you reponses.
    You've done a great work with this new version of nPlayer.
    Best regards.

  • And why is now impossible to hide the locked folder?


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