few problems

  • I have reported almost all problems in email and forum.nplayer.com but I have got no reply in email and the forum.nplayer.com is just closed after I reported...... Hope these problems can be solved this time...
    App Version:
    Device: Sony XZ Premium G8142
    OS Version: Android 8.0

    1. When I play a AVC 10bit video with software decoder locally, it will buffering several times on the same scenes in the video(a loading circle animation shows half a second or more). I played other AVC 10bit videos and having the same problem. No matter there is a dynamic or static scene.
    2. Two finger gestures - Drag Left/Right, Drag Up/Down on Left Side of Screen, Drag Up/Down on Right Side of Screen is not working on my device.
    3. ASS external font is not working. It always just built 246.8KB font cache, clear font cache and rebuilt doesn't help. I got 1.25GB(180 items)in my sdcard and already selected the font folder in nplayer settings.
    4. I locked my phone's orientation but it still auto rotate on menu interface.
    5. Subtitles is not autoloaded even I selected the subtitle folder in nplayer settings and renamed the subtitles to the same name of the video. I must put those inside the same folder to get autoloading subtitles.
    6. Please add setting to hide the items inside Local tab and I can choose to show all folder directly that I have added inside media browsing folder setting. Just like what I set in my MX Player in the screenshot below.
      alt text
      alt text
    7. Hope can add the customize UI settings just like iOS version and I just love that new UI :)

  • administrators

    1. We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. In order to test in the most similar conditions to those where you did, your AVC sample file would help us. If you can, please upload your sample file to ftp://test.newin.co.kr or give us your file link to support@nplayer.tv. When we get the sample, we will check the file and try to find out what the problem is.

    2. Unfortunately, when we tested the two finger gesture, problem did not occur. Could you please test it on other devices? We don't have the device Sony XZ Premium G8142 for the test, it is difficulty to figure out the problem precisely.

    3. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We're going to look into this issue more. Thank you.

    4, 5. We are sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. We have fixed that problems and they will be applied to the next update. Thanks for your report.

    1. We appreciate your suggestion. We will keep that in our mind for the development.

    2. The current version of Android does not include all the features of iOS. Features such as UI theme, Post Processing and mini player etc should be included, but we plan to support it through future update considering release time and priority. Hopeful for your understanding.

    Thank you. :)

  • @nPlayer-mania

    1. I can't get into your ftp server so I send the link to your email you gave. I described the problem in the email of the video.

    2. I find out that is because I selected the "Pinch to Zoom on Video" to None and the gesture that I mentioned above will stop working.

    And there another feature that I really desirous of is may you improve the ass subtitle style "frame rate"? There is an option in MX Player called "Improve SSA rendering" is what I need but it just work in software decoder. If I remember correctly, the ass subtitle rendering is smooth in iOS version. Hope it can be improved. Thank you!

  • Excuse me. Is these problem got confirmed and do you have any plan for "Improve SSA rendering"? Hope I can have a reply for these confirmation so that I can wait for these update patiently, Thank you!


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