Cellular or Data access....

  • is here a way to play/access remotely? I am trying to play my music files wirelessly using nPlayer and cannot get it to work. It times out. Or this is not something that can be done? I am not setting up properly? My CONFIG or set up is...the files are on WDMYBOOK external drives obviously connected by ETH to the router. nPlayer works flawlessly on WIFI or from my home. I simply have tried or thought it was possible to be outside the home using Data or cellular to play the files through MYBOOK/my network VIA the iPhone so I could play files anywhere...in the car, ETC..anywhere.

    I apologize if this is in the wrong "place" in the forum or incorrectly posted in anyway.


  • administrators

    Which server type or protocol did you used? If you are using SMB or FTP, I think you need to do port forwarding to access your server from external network.


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