Can’t Chromecast to mi box3

  • Hi I have an international mi box 3(it’s Chromecast verified by google) and I’m trying to cast to it, and it doesn’t work.
    I’ve tried different kinds of files(1080p and 720p, both with 264 and 265 encoding), but it was so unreliable that it gave different results every-time; the only file that it played ,no matter what ,was a short, 6 min, 264 movie.
    I have Chromecast firmware 1.206...
    And I’m using cast v2 in nPlayer .
    Please asap

  • administrators

    The Chromecast's playing principle is, if nPlayer sends a file to the Chromecast, playback is done on the Chromecast. Not all videos and audios available on nPlayer can be played on Chromecast but only those that meet the standard of Chromecast can be. And nPlayer supports all video formats(MKV, AVI, MP4, etc) including H.264 video codec when using Chromecast. Please check the video codec.

    What was the nPlayer version you tested? Some Chromecast issue was fixed and applied to v3.8.0. Please do a test it again with nPlayer v3.8.0. Thank you.


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