Problem with Subtitle "Swapping"

  • Hi there, I downloaded nplayer a moment ago for my ipad pro and so far it has been working flawlessly. The "Seeking with fitting subtitles" feature is particularly awesome, as it allows me to move swiftly between different parts of the video simply by swapping the subtitle to the left/right. What annoys me a bit, however, is that I find that swapping the subtitle from left to right works, but from right to left sometimes simply doesn't, for some reason. I guess this is probably a bug and would like to know if there's any solution to it. Thanks!

  • administrators

    What is a subtitles format you used? I think it depends on a subtitles format which is divided into a text and graphic. For a graphic subtitles format or embedded subtitles, they are not loaded beforehand when playing video. On the other hand a text subtitles format could be loaded in advance, so it can be swapped either way. We look forward your understanding.


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