Can Not Play a folder and it's sub-folder files!

  • I use nPlayer to play music, and i found that it's not convenient。Since i manage music files by using different folder and sub-folder, I want to play one folder and it's all sub-folder's music files, by sequence or random mode. It seems nPlayer not support it!

  • administrators

    Yes, currently we do not support playing subfolder as you said. We will keep your suggestion in our mind for the development.

    I think you can use a playlist. Create a playlist, and select files you want to played in the list of local or network server. Then add them to the playlist. It will be sorted in order you selected files. Play it and turn on the shuffle. Please refer to the link below for using playlist :

  • Thanks for reply, I think play folder is more convenient, just like play usb files in car. I like to play some kind of music randomly, sometimes to play all local music files randomly. There are so much music files(about 100G unlosted wave files) in different folders and sub-folders, sometimes I may add or del files, and then playlist will need to update again...

  • @support yeah! We need this feature a lot! It takes a lot of time selecting and adding files from subfolders to a playlist. I hope you'll soon add this feature. Thanks and God bless you!

  • Any news about adding this feature?


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