Application settings are not saved.

  • Device: iPhoneX
    OS: 11.1.2

    Question 1
       1. Add GoogleDrive to "Network" -> You can check the contents of GoogleDrive
       2. Exit the application (not suspend), start the application
       3. GoogleDrive has disappeared from "Network"

    Problem 2
       1. Display the video list in the terminal
       2. Select "Sort" from the menu
       3. "Album" is checked. -> Tap 'Title'
       4. "Title" is not checked. ("Album" is still checked)
       5. The order of the movies is changed to "title".
       6. Exit the application (not suspend), start the application
       7. The order of movie list has returned to "album". (Select "Sort by" from the menu, "Album" is checked.)

  • administrators

    Question 1

    • Unfortunately, when we tested adding Google Drive on the network tab, problem did not occur. We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is if it is not reprodeced when we tested.

    Problem 2

    • Could you please describe little more detail? We can not find 'Album', 'Title' and where the terminal is.


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