Videos download from local FTP is very slow

  • Hi,
    I am having trouble while playing HD videos from local FTP location. It keeps buffering every 20 or 30 seconds. So I tried to download the video to watch offline. However it was downloading in 200kbps and it never completed. Kindly let me what can be done to improve or fix the issue. Thanks.

  • administrators

    Download speed varies depending on the network condition, and there's nothing we can handle with this. We're sorry for that we couldn't help you immediately. Playback issue with buffering also seems to be a network issue, but if you send the sample files, we'll check them out. You can upload your video sample file to or give us your file link to

  • Thanks for the response. I tested with another network. Streams seems to be fine. It takes only 2 to 4 seconds before starts playing the video without buffering. I will be greedy to expect it play with 1 or less second buffering delay. :)

    Anyway thanks for the response once again.


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