Feature request: Three new options for transcoding multichannel AAC, Dolby Digital Plus (e-ac3), DTS to Dolby Digital (ac3) on the fly for Chromecast.

  • As you know SPDIF optical or Philips coaxial output for tvset or audio extractor device doesn’t passthrow multichannel LPCM (for example very popular 6 chanel AAC codec ), also it doesn’t passthrow Dolby Digital Plus(e-ac3) to spdif input of receiver.

    SPDIF only support:

    1. 2 chanel PCM,
    2. Dolby digital (ac3)
    3. DTS.

    Also as you know that Chromecast support only Dolby Digital (ac3) or Dolby Digital Plus (e-ac3) passthrow.
    It can send multichannel AAC or Dolby Digital plus only if connect to receiver, and receiver have to be modern to support Dolby Digital Plus.

    About multichannel ACC(5.1 for example) google discarding support this codec from firmware 1.28 for google Chromecast... so even google Chromecast connected via HDMI you can’t stream 5.1 audio from aac codec even as I know.

    So, Chromecast doesn’t support DTS.
    Also Chromecast itself can’t transcode anything!!

    So some time users doesn’t have hdmi input to connect Chromecast to receiver( if receiver is cheap). They use tvset or audio extractor to connect Chromecast by SPDIF.

    For that users need new three user define options for nplayer for iOS and Android also to transcode on the fly any multichannel audio signal in content for add 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound using Chromecast to Dolby Digital(ac3).
    This options to transcode everything to AC3 exists in several players: in Plex, in Kodi, in Infuse player, in Emby to make users happy, but not exist in your very popular and very powerful nPlayer plus.

    So need to add user define options to transcode:

    1. multichanel AAC codec to Dolby digital (ac3) because AAC doesn’t passthrow by SPDIF.
    2. Dolby Digital Plus (e-ac3) to Dolby Digital (ac3) because Dolby Digital plus doesn’t passthrow by SPDIF.
    3. DTS to Dolby Digital (ac3) because Chromecast doesn’t support DTS.

    Think, may be some other codecs also need to transcode.
    So, if you add this transcode options everybody will be happy.

    At least need option to convert multichannel AAC to Dolby Digital (ac3) because AAC is very popular codec.


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