a few suggestions

    1. I got folders including mp3 files, could you please show the image in mp3 tag on the folder icon?
      (look for the image file first, and then the image embedded in the mp3 files)

    2. Is it possible to show folders in "tiles" style. (I am not sure it's implemented or not actually)

    3. I am using Traditional Chinese language in Taiwan, some phrase on label of the GUI not that right here.
      "網絡" should be "網路"
      "視頻" should be "視訊"
      "音頻" should be "音訊"
      "默認"...we usually use "預設"


    Maybe you can do some corrections, or..as the following.

    1. Let users be able to configure what language to use.

    Thank you very much

  • administrators

    We do not support other UI option in the list at this time. Thanks for your suggestion about UI of a folder and the list, and phrase in Traditional Chinese. We'll keep that in our mind for the development.


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