Any estimates on bugfixes/next version?

  • Question from your (ex-) loyal customer. When do you plan releasing new version? Don't know about other platforms, but the iOS version is a complete crap. I've been using nPlayer for years and considered it as the best player on the Appstore ever, now it's truly the worst one.

    I really hope that you're working hard in order to replace that ugly and nasty "major release". I would work day and night if I saw what people are saying about my product. I would also post "Sorry, we fucked up, will fix it soon" on the front page to compensate the disrespect you showed to your customers.


    What need you?

  • Asking about the date of next release with bugfixes, if any. If you're thinking you did a great job despite all the customer reviews, then I'm better off buying another player.


    Can you give more details? E.g where is the bug,your device + iOS version

    Help us :)

  • **IOS 8.4.1

    •the app crashes if you go to different folder play resume video it crashes random

    • I disable Q/T while connecting blue tooth audio or headset it switch from H/W back to Q/T.

    •Setting-> Video-> Saturation, Contrast, Brightness does not Save
    It reset back to 0 exit the app, or put it lock screen, connect to Blue-tooth set back to Q/T on each video

    there all the bugs listed**


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