SYNC web storage drive

  • So far, nPlayer can access web storages(Google, OneDrive ...) and download a folder in one time.
    That's good.

    Could you please add a "SYNC" function?

    For example, while nPlayer is running, a thread checks if there is difference between the folder(marked as a "Sync Folder") on the server and local, and syncs it in an appropriate way.

    If this was implemented, users can just run nPlayer and wait a while, then every song in some web storage is well synced.

    Multiple devices can synced well with this feature in an easy way.


  • administrators

    We appreciate your suggestion. However, a detailed schedule is not available at this time. We do not support uploading function currently, and nPlayer is basically a media player app, so we do make enhancing the playback performance a priority. We look forward to your understanding. Thank you.


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