nplayer or nplayer plus?

  • I read the differences between the nplayer and nplayer plus versions:

    nplayer - dolby supported by ios, 5.5 euro
    nplayer plus - dolby certification and dolby sound effects, 10 euro

    is the dolby from nplayer plus better? superior in any way?

    what are these "dolby sound effects" that are not supported by nplayer?

    why should i buy nplayer plus instead of nplayer?

  • 61 views and no answer, not even from the support staff.

    Is this the kind of support I should expect if I buy one of these 2 versions?

    Can someone please answer the questions in the post above?

  • Almost a week passed, 100 views and no answer.

    Support is not very convincing in getting me to buy this, actually the contrary.

  • administrators

    Sorry for the late reply. Dolby playback is the same performance between them. When you enable Dolby Audio Processing, you can get more magnificent audio sound like surround sound.

    If you use nPlayer Plus version and play Dolby audio codec like AC3 or EAC3, it can be played with Dolby Audio Processing. For other audio codec like DTS or AAC etc, you can use DTS Headphone:X. Please refer to the link below for the details about them :


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