Doesn't work with VPN enabled network

  • Hi.
    Today, I noticed nplayer plus 3.8.6 on my iPhone 8 (iOS11.3) cannot connect to my samba server via VPN-enabled network.

    I've configured the SMB/CIFS setting and it has been working fine when I connect directly to the samba server without VPN connections. But, with VPN connection, it fails. The error message saying "No route to host" pops up.
    First, I suspected my wrong configuration on VPN network, but that was not true. I've tested several apps with VPN enabled network, they all worked fine. I even confirmed by capturing the packets on VPN server hardware (which is also samba server running on), that apps actually communicate through VPN connection. Only nPlayer plus doesn't work. As error message implies, no packets were sent to VPN server.

    In addition to that, I also have iPad Pro, which iOS version is 11.3, with same VPN configuration, and nPlayer plus 3.8.5, it works fine with VPN connection.
    Therefore, I think this problem can be a kind of BUG. Unfortunately, I can't downgrade nPlayer plus on my iPhone8 from 3.8.6 to 3.8.5, I'm not be able to test with it.

    Does anyone face same problem? Is there any workaround ?

    Thank you.

  • Have same problem!


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