Chromecats support in nPlayer

  • Hi nPlayer team,

    i have a question about chromecast support in nPlayer:

    Like lot of people i presume, i have mkv AND avi movie files that i would like to cast with nPlayer.

    you said in nPlayer site that:
    For videos, Chromecast only supports mp4 and mkv formats and h.264 and VP8 codecs

    so it's seems that Chromsecat cannot cast avi movie files ?
    is it a limitation of chromecast itself or a limitation in nPlayer ?

    i ask that because in the "infuse" site ( it said:
    AirPlay & Google Cast
    Stream formats like MKV, MP4, and AVI files to the big screen, with surround sound and subtitles, via AirPlay and Google Cast.

    who is right and who is wrong ?
    is it possible to cast avi files with chromecast and if yes why nPlayer can't do that ?

    thanks for this precision and help.

  • administrators

    Please refer to "Supported Media for Google Cast" (

  • Thanks for informations but all is very technic for me.
    Can you answer to my questions please ?
    And why infuse can cast avi files if it's not possible in
    Google cast api characteristics ?



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