Is there a way to fast forward/rewind 15 seconds on lock screen?

  • I’m a long-time user of nPlayer - having tested numerous video/audio player this is undoubtedly the one app that meets every single one of my peculiar demands of a media player.

    That was until I started using nPlayer to play long videos/audios: lectures, talks, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. I enjoy listening to them on the go with background playback on and my phone in my pocket.

    However, when I miss something and need to rewind, I would either a. press << on lock screen and hold, or b. open nPlayer and rewind, say, 15 seconds by pressing << or with a left swipe. Considering how often I do this, both ways are very inefficient.

    So I was wondering if there is a way to set up the << and >> buttons on the lock screen to do a 15- or 30-second rewind/skip, like the Podcasts app or Audible app do.

    If not, can we propose adding such an option?

    Thanks a lot.

  • administrators

    It's possible in this version. First, set the remote control option to Fast Backward/Fast Forward on 'Settings tab > Remote Control > Previous Track/Next Track'. Also, you can change the time of fast forwarkd/backward on 'Settings tab > Playback > Fast Backward/Fast Forward'. Please refer to the link below for the details :

  • @support Thanks! Works like a charm.


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