The most powerful player but the design!

  • This player has more than you might want to wish. I can’t even imagine what else I’d like to add. The only thing that makes me look for another app is the design. When I open a player I expect to see something delighting the eye. Unfortunately, nPlayer nowhere near that. Get trough Apple’s app or ‘Infuse’ to learn how it's supposed to look like

  • I dont use infuse on ios but only on appletv because of it’s lame design. Nplayer is the best.

  • @lumen1 No doubt, the best of the best! All the others are far and far behind, I tried dozens of them. I just wonder why don’t the developers make an icons view, only list one? It’s even more than natural, very often a search by pictures is more effective and pleasant. Also I can’t realise why icons are presented in square or circle style. A picture in a video metadata is rectangle, usually.

  • Infuse does use rectangles as preview icon. In vertical orientation. Great idea :D ha-ha

  • @lumen1 Of course vertical. Posters in metadata are always vertical. and all the others support the same idea


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