Video keeps buffering every other minutes when played from ftp location

  • Hi,
    Yesterday i bought nplayer being a long time user of nplaye r iOS app. However I am having trouble while playing HD videos from local FTP location in Android devices. It keeps buffering every other minutes. Same file, same local network and same ftp server works flawlessly in iPad app. however when I try to play from Android redmi note 3 phone and kindle fire tablet, it keeps buffering. Kindly let me what can be done to fix the issue. Thanks.

  • administrators

    Does it occur with all files? Please do a test it after rebooting the device and reinstalling the app. It is difficult to figure out what the problem is if it is not reproduced when we tested.
    Please describe more detail about the Android OS version and FTP server you're using. Also, it would be helpful for us to reproduce the problem if you let us know a temporary account information that can be connecting to your FTP server. Thank you.

  • Hi, thanks for your response. After trying tour suggestion to restart helped to some extent. Now I am getting buffering issue rarely. Fireos version is 5.6.2. As of now, I can live with the issue as it happens rarely. What i understand is that the app is working in its best. I am using router's usb port to use router's inbuilt ftp server in my local wifi network.


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