Gesture volume control stopped working

  • I use the latest version of nPlayer on 2 devises: iOS11 and iOS9. Everything is ok with iOS 9, but gesture volume control stopped working on second one with iOS 11. I'd try to reinstall the player but I'm supposed to set up all playlists and all networks again, what I'm not eager to repeat. What would be a problem?

  • administrators

    We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. When we tested the volume gesture with iOS11, the problem did not occur. Please do a test it after rebooting the device and please describe more detail about your device, gesture settings and the steps to reproduce it.

  • @support !0_1533809247970_IMG_0032.jpg

    The device was rebooted not once before

  • Everything has been fixed up by reinstalling iOS. It was not the player's fault


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