Waiting for Apple tv version

  • Hi, please let me know if Apple tv version is in progress and when it will possibly be available. I will be happy to be a beta user. Thanks

  • administrators

    Thank you for your interesting in nPlayer for Apple TV version. We have a plan to develop nPlayer for Apple TV, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time. We look forward to your understanding and we'll try to do our best to give you a good news for this. If we have any news, we'll inform you through blog and Facebook.

  • Thanks for the update. Hope you will be able to prioritize soon.

  • I bet for tvos to be internally similar to ios, but its just a guess. Once you have nplayer for ios, is so difficult to port it to tvos?
    We are ready to pay for atv version, and atv 4k has the same cpu a10 as iPad Pro, plenty of power. Good business opp for you.
    Today i use DSVideo from Synology, but nplayer could be an interesting alternative to play from cloud accounts.


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