Airplay to Apple TV 4K doesn't work for some video files

  • I am waiting for the Apple TV 4K version to play from Router's FTP location. In the meantime, I am trying to use Airplay to play on Apple TV 4K from Router's FTP location via iPad nplayer app. I tried to play a small video (2MB) via Airplay from router's FTP location. It popped up on TV and played. However when I try to play few other files, it starts showing the TV icon in center of the player and then it either kept showing the progress indicator and in some cases it started to play locally on IPad Mini 2 and sound on Apple tv. In this case, I have already selected Apple TV in Airply. However if I cast the same video to Android TV, it plays with audio and video on Android tv. So I assume that is an issue with airplay.

    Please let me know if Apple TV version will be release anytime soon. If not, can you help me with the Airplay issue? Thanks.


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