nPlayer as audiobook player

  • Hi, I have some DRM-free audio books. I am using nplayer as audio player as this is the only player which supports directory structure. However there are few features need to be implemented to function as an audiobook player. Can you please consider these?

    1. Smart resume (rewind a bit based on the paused duration)
    2. Allow or pick album background from current folder or parent folder
    3. Playback interface optimised for audiobooks to have bigger buttons to pause and skip etc
    4. Show progress indicator and time remaining in each folder in addition to number of items
    5. There should be a easy way to start continuing the book if I have closed and opened the nplayer back. Having a dedicated menu item to switch to player view.

    Please let me know if any clarifications are required. I am sure many people will be interested in these features.

  • Please let me know your thoughts on this. I know it is not meant to be used as audiobook player but it has the potential to be used as audiobook player. So you will get lot of new users as well.

    If at lest smart resume is implemented, that itself is sufficient. I think 5th item is not needed as there is a shortcut button already.

    Can you please implement smart resume option at least? Thanks.

  • administrators

    It seems to be supported in this version. We support to use cover.jpg or folder.jpg as album artwork. Please check that.

    1, 3, 4, 5.
    We appreciate your suggestion for using an audio player. We'll keep that in our mind for the development, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time. Thank you.

  • sure. Thanks for the update. As of now, I am desperate about Smart Resume feature. Anyway I will wait.


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