Some questions about the browser

  • The browser is great, no doubt, it allows to stream a video from each and every sites I’ve tried, also I can avoid commercial, it's awesome. But there are some things I can’t realise

    • First one is a menu with a choice ‘Play’ or ‘Cancel’ which pops up every time I tap a video to play. Probably it’s good if you’re pretty sure which video you want to play, but it’s quite annoying if you are just searching: I have to tap Cancel then tap a next video, tap Cancel again and so on. I think an existing button Play (a triangle on the lower right) is quite enough.
    • If I play a video from browser and then tap Play to watch it in the player itself, it starts playing from the very beginning, not from a moment I tap the button. It’s inconvenient either.

  • administrators

    We appreciate your suggestions about the browser tab. We'll keep that in our mind for the development, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time.


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