There is no play option in the music playlist

  • I created a playlist and when I long press or open the playlist, I don’t see any option to play the playlist. I need to go deeper level to the music file to play the song. I am not sure if I am missing something. Please let me know how to play a playlist which has some song folders in it. By the way, the playlist has folders from FTP location.

    If the above behaviour is expected, may I request you to add a play option in the playlist to play music? Thanks.

  • Any comments please

  • administrators

    We do not support to play files through folders at this time. Files are needed to be added to a playlist. Please take this into consideration. We appreciate your suggestion and we'll keep that in our mind for the development, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your response. I would be very useful feature to allow to play from folder.


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