Can we get better Music management?

  • Im wanting to throw all my (already tagged) music into one folder and have them sorted under their Artist Names all one one page (im not asking for the app to make folders for each artist), so they'll show up like this....


    • Rolling in the Deep
    • Hello


    • Keep Up
    • Beautiful


    • Lose Yourself
    • Till I Collapse

    Kendrick Lamar

    • Money Trees
    • HUMBLE
    • DNA

    Right now its like....

    01 - Rolling in the Deep
    04 - Lose Yourself (feat. Nate Dogg)
    04 - DNA - exclusive music at ''
    09 - Keep Up

    (basically showing the file names and not the actual TAGS)

    Im running the app on an iPad, iOS 9.3.2

    I really hope something like this is implemented, I don't want to create a folder for each artist or rename all my music individually.

  • administrators

    Currently, it is not supported to sort by artist or album name in the tagged audio files. We appreciate your suggestion. We'll keep that in our mind for the development, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time. Thank you.


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