Aspect ratio is wrong and can't be changed (iOS)

  • I just started seeing a new problem where all videos are displayed at the same aspect ratio as my device's screen's aspect ratio. For some this isn't a big problem, but for older broadcast media (Star Trek: TNG) that has a 4:3 ratio, the video appears very distorted.

    Going to options and changing the aspect ratio from "Default" to "4:3" has no effect. Across all media manually changing the aspect ratio seems to have no effect at all.

    I've tried restarting the app and my device. Any other ideas?

  • ok I solved my own problem!

    After heading to settings I used the "Defaults" button in the top right to reset all my settings to default. This fixed the issue and I can once again the aspect ratios are correct.

    Hope this might be helpful to anyone else that comes across this issue.

    I love you nplayer. You're the best!

    (but please be careful about updates. Some updates have caused bugs for me. If you have a TestFlight group I'm happy to be a beta tester)


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