Embedded Web Browser Enhancement

  • nPlayer is a great app to play videos on website to Chromecast.
    But it can get better. It will be perfect to add features as below.

    1. Setting for User Agent (for Desktop website)
      Some video websites provide better video quality options on Desktop website.
    2. Tab Browsing
      Many video websites will popup an advertisement page when click to play and click again to play video. nPlayer will redirect to advertisement page and I cannot play the video. Provide tab browsing feature will solve the issue.

    You all do a great job.
    Thanks for creating so nice app.

  • administrators

    We appreciate your suggestions. We don't have a plan to support the user agent for the browser tab at this time. We look forward to your understanding and we'll keep that in our mind for the development for other suggestion, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time. Thank you.


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