Recognizing off-line files

  • This player is the best of the best, and I want you to make it better all the time. A feedback is the most helpful thing that users can do and I’d like to give you one more idea.
    I guess, “Recently Played” is one of the popular tab, at least to me.
    Sometimes, especially in roaming, I’m limited with mobile traffic and It would be nice to spot off-line files. For sure, I can visit “Local”, but the problem is the dowloaded files very often have strange names and it’s not easy to recognise them. “Recently Played” is much more useful, just because they are recently played, but it’s not possible to recognize off-lines in it.
    I suggest you make a special sign in “Recently Played” list to mark dowloaded files. I think it’s ease to perform but it’s very useful

  • administrators

    Thanks for your idea. We'll keep that in our mind for the development, however, a detailed schedule is not available at this time.


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