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  • I have downloaded tv serial from ---- all episode then downloaded from srt file for subtitle from another web site. Both file transfer to personal cloud of Seagate. nPlyer installed on ipad - so when were I am accessing the thru Ipad CORRECT FILE NAME IS NOT SHOWING ON IPAD - any setting issue or ??? please help

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    We have difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. Is the file name different from the real name? If you can, please do a test it with other apps which support connecting a server you're using.

    Also, please describe more detail about a file name, what server you're using(SMB etc) and the steps to reproduce it. And your video sample file would help us. If you can, in order to test in the most similar conditions to those where you did, please upload your sample file to or give us your file link. When we get the sample, we will check the file and try to find out what the problem is.

  • Yes, the file name are different then real name on wifi sea-gate hard drive.
    e.g actual file name is "THE 100 SO1E01 but in ipad file name shows MICROMKV.COM - so playing it is tough to watch serially


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