Foler Lock&Unlock Not Working Well(version on iOS12.1, iPad Pro 2018)

  • Hello, I just purchased nPlayer yesterday, it's nice

    but I found the folder lock function has an issue. When I finish entering the password for a new folder press accept, nPlayer will black out and crash, and nPlayer will crash too when I unlock a folder, and in fact the unlock is not working, when I enter nPlayer after the unlock crash, the lock on the folder is still there.

    and I found if I press the nPlayer icon for a short while, a preview of photos in my iCloud Drive will show. Can you tell me where to enable and disable this preview function? I cant find this option in settings.

    Thank you

  • administrators

    DId you set the list to Icon View? We have fixed the problem and it will be applied to the next update.

    Do you mean 3D Touch in a home screen? Please check Quick Action or Peek and Pop option on the 'Settings tab > General > 3D TOUCH'. If it's another issue, please describe more detail about it. Thank you.

  • hi, thanks for the quick replay.

    Yes I'm using icon view, thanks for the problem fix.

    I dont think it's 3D touch, cos iPad Pro 2018(the new iPad relased on 30th,Oct 2018) does not have this function.

    Here is a screen shot and record video of what's happening:!Aj-hJGIQgp_rkFliCRfeu1wv34hV


    all thoese photos in the preview window are from my "apple iCloud Drive" recent files.

    Your nPlayer is indeed the best player, I love it very much, and there are few small parts can be improved. Here are two maybe you may consider:

    1. the colour changes, there are so many colours in small circles for icon and background theme, they are lovely and I love them, but it's so hard to remember which one I picked cos they are too similar. Maybe you can add a code number for each of them so I can remember the colours I love?

    2. The introduction for movies are using "" database, this system is doing great! But it looks like the movie information in nPlayer does not update, if there are new poster or photos uploaded in for one movie, the introduction in nPlayer wont update, even I remove the current data and relink the movie to the database, it will still use the old poster and photos.

    3. Of course I hope nPlayer can support uploading custom fonts for subtitles.

    thank you


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