APP only can display 1000 videos in the folder of google drive

  • I use the internet mode and connect to my google drive
    But the apps only can display 1000 videos
    And the videos are all the latest update 1000 videos
    So the video which is older can't show up one the app
    I'm sure that there's more than 1000 videos in my google drive folder
    It happens on my new iPhone XR
    I use my friends XS and it also has this problem
    But I use my old iPhone 5S and ipad air 1, both devices can show up all the videos
    So I can quickly find the video by searching the video name.
    (BTW all devices I use are are the latest version ios 12.1 and the app is also the latest)

    I hope you can fix this problem or I can not see the older video
    Thank you very much

  • administrators

    We have fixed the problem and it will be applied to the next update. Thank you.


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