Distortion in audio when playing at higher speeds

  • Hi! Was wondering whether there's any plan to fix the bug where audio is distorted (whether using Dolby audio or not) when playing back at higher speeds (e.g. 2x speed). To replicate, just compare playing any video with music on Youtube at 2x speed to nPlayer at 2x speed. The difference is quite obvious, in my opinion.

  • administrators

    The issue may arise because of the nature of the speed engines used. Please take this into consideration and it would help if you give an exact URL and the steps to reproduce it.

  • Hi, I've given the steps to reproduce it.

    1. Play any movie/video with Disney opening theme on nPlayer, changing the speed to 2x
    2. Play the same on youtube, with the link above, changing the speed to 2x
    3. Notice the difference in sound from 00:10 to 00:20, and from 00:26 to 00:29. It's very obvious and occurs with both DTS on and off.



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