Issues with returning to player when I watching IPTV in background

  • Hi,

    I faced with very sad issue, let me describe:

    1. I am opening player and turning on IPTV
    2. After that I am returning to main screen with apps and after that seems like network cache cleaning and video buffering again (I have ~5-7 sec lag).
    3. After returning back to player seems like network cache cleaning again, and I have ~5-7 sec lag again.

    Could you please fix this?
    Thanks in advance

  • More info:
    Device - IPhone XS Max
    iOS 12.1

  • administrators

    We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. Did you cast a file to Smart TV? Does it occur in all kind of files? Please describe more detail about a file format, a video and audio codec, TV, where you played(locally or network server) and the steps to reproduce it.

  • Hi Support,

    I am watching IPTV on my phone, without streaming to TV.
    Steps for reproduce:

    1. Open nPlayer and turning on "Background Playback"
    2. Go to Playlists > Direct URL > Putting my provider link to .m3u playlist
    3. Choosing channel and watching TV (in video info I see MPEG2VIDEO , not sure that this is codec which you asked)
    4. Switching to other app (for example Safari or Telegram). On this step playback stopping and continue playing in ~5-7 sec, as I say before this is look like network cache cleaning and buffer again.
    5. Returning to nPlayer. On this step playback again stopped and video and audio starting playing in ~5-7 sec.

    This is very inconvenient for watching football for example. In background I hear that something interesting occurs, but returning to video takes ~7 sec :(

    Let me know if any additional information needed.


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