5.1 audio via AirPlay is transmitted as 2.0

  • I have a Yamaha amplifier that supports AirPlay. I want to use nPlayer to play multi-channel audio such as dts files. After I purchase nPlayer and tried it for the first time, it played 5.1 audio through AirPlay with no problems. At that time I still had the Light version installed. But after I uninstalled the Light version, nPlayer wouldn't play in 5.1 anymore. It shows the DTS playback icon, but the amplifier receives 2.0 audio via AirPlay. I tried all possible settings, reinstalling etc, but nothing helps. I know it is not an iPhone issue, because when I play a 5.1 wav file from Dropbox using built-in player, it comes as 5.1 to the amplifier via AirPlay. Any advice will be much appreciated.


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