Low resolution issue of ass subtle

  • Recently I tested some ass subtles matching with low resolution videos on nplayer.
    When the resolution is 640x480, the subtle also display in such low resolution.0_1548958037548_image.jpeg

    Then I used the same ass file to match a 1920x1080 video, it is clear.0_1548958006783_image.jpeg

    I also tried other ass files on these two videos, the 1080p one is still clearer than the 480p.

    Then I tested other videos in different resolutions. On other players, such as potplayer on PC, there's no problem with the resolution of the ass subtle, which means the subtles and video I used are regular and normal.

    So guys, this is my guess and conclusion: It seems nplayer will change the resolution of ass subtles depends on the resolution of the video they're matching with. The device I used is iPad pro (12.9) 128g on iOS 9.3.3.

    I found another post:
    who also had the same issue on Android. But he only tested the 720p video, which cannot show a big different when compared with 1080p video. I suggest to try a 480p one. That guy said he had the problem since on Android. But I try the oldest version of nplaer on iOS, and problem is still there.

    I used nplayer for almost 5 years, I always recommend my friends to use this awesome player on their ios device. But this is the only problem I am concerned about. I hope you guys can test and fix it in the next update. Thank you so much!


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