play mkv x264 over airplay

  • Hello,
    is it possible to enable mkv x264 files downloaded from torrents sites over airplay?
    My iPad is jailbroken and I have the latest nPlayer officially from the appstore :), not cracked.
    nPlayer is playing very well mkv x246 DTS audio on my iPad and I can play mp4 files over airplay, but when I want to play mkv x246 DTS audio over airplay I get the message on my TV: the file format is not supported.
    I understand is related to Apple restriction, bla, bla
    I intended to patch the app with Flex, but no succedeed yet.
    Any chances to be such feature in the future?
    Kind regards.


    Apple TV with Airplay does not support mkv file + DTS audio format.

  • I am returning with some feedbacks.
    My techs is an Samsung LCD 5 series not Smart, connected to my router via lan. I have in my iPad some genuine mkv movies. No Apple TV.
    nPlayer does some great job with mkv DTS and while playing such files I see a icon on bottom left corner like a square an wifi signal near it. It seems an option where I can choose between my iPad or my TV to display the movie.
    It doesn`t play anything on my TV as long the extension is mkv. From iFile I change it to .mp4 and guess what: it works. No conversion.
    It was an Samsung software related.
    But, I have tried to load some subtitles by using MKV merge, which is works fine, but nPlayer display the subtitle only on my iPad instead on my TV.
    Is something like that:
    on TV is running the movie and in iPad is showing the subtitles.
    This is happening only when I choose the display out source.
    Have any ideeas how to fix that?


    Your Samsung TV only support this subtitle format:
    MPEG-4 time-based text |.ttxt. | XML
    SAMI |.smi. | HTML
    SubRip | .srt. | string-based
    SubViewer |.sub. | string-based
    Micro DVD | .sub or .txt | string-based

  • @Fixed

    Your answer can´t be correct. As example the app called INFUSE can stream mkv files without a problem to an Apple TV via Airplay!


    Really mkv files + DTS audio codec? Airplay not support mkv file + DTS audio codec. It comes message see first post (the file format is not supported.)

    When you use e.g mkv(H.264 codec) + AAC audio codec then no problem = no message ^^


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