Hello,nplayer 3.0 can't open DLNA server.

  • Today, I updated it to version 3.0.nplayer can't open windows 10 upnp/DLNA server's directory lists. Yestoday,it's good. And,avplayerHD is working fine. Nothing changed but updated nplayer.

    When I use nplayer, I have turned off avplayerHD.

  • I can open Serviio, or Plex DLNA server


    Network -> Scan Network...


  • @Fixed ipad air 2,ios8.4.1. Scan Network will show my computer name like "Computer name: Administrator:". Then press computer name and save.
    Press the name and Enter into my DLNA server, There is a dynamic icon on the top right corner. It refreshes all the time. But, nPlayer can't list directories.

  • @gx2041
    Just to say I have the same issue as I have already reported in the bug section. Its the only reason I really use the app so the fact you have broken this is annoying especially as I paid a second time and there seems to be no way to go back to an earlier version (I have a backup of the 2.3version which is a bit old but better than nothing but I can't get it to install)


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