I feel betrayed


    Folder move to Documents. Very easy drag on folder -> More -> Move -> ..

    Mini-Player = Pop-Up-Play
    Open mp3 file -> click on 3 point button - > Pop-Up-Play

    For colour
    Settings -> General -> Theme

  • And why is now impossible to hide the locked folder?


  • Same here. Charge your new customers but don't expect those of us who've already paid to pay again.
    Are Apple aware of what you are doing?
    The app looked great before now it looks cheap.

  • @Fixed: i tried you mini player pop up description. thank you for your interrest, but solution is... nice to have a window, which is still somewhere on display and cover information below. for example if i put this window to the bottom, still dont see last lines. the solution from 2.X version was simple and clear. this is.....

    next things about three dots and lot of other buttons... same stupid solution as a new player from apple. we have a display big as ...... and on this we want to find and touch micro buttons. for sport, for using somewhere, when the working with display is not primary, is very uncomfortable. from my side it was first step for changinch basic player on iphone. and in this case maybe in near future do same with nplayer, because i feel, this is occasion for next companies to do a copy of nplayer 2.X. then i will buy it and delete nplayer 3.0 for forever.

  • and if i check the development threads, i feel as a tester, who paid for this work. yesterday i tried nplayer again and

    • popup player sometime doesnt remember my choice and switch to full mode during mp3 playing and go out and back in into application
    • popup player sometimes freeze and then freeze all aplication.

    somebody know, how to bring back 2.6 version and locked it against new versions from automatic updates?


  • No - you bought the app because you wanted it and it was the best IOS player out there at the time. You don't go to McDonalds and pay for a Big Mac to support them in their ongoing attempts to make burgers do you? Maybe you do go back and tell them that because you paid for one three years ago, you want all future Big Macs for free - I don't know.

    An optional payment for new features, where there are no doubt licensing costs for DTS support, seems fair enough to me.

    Bug reports and feedback from everyone else as to whether the new interface is better/worse seems valid, but saying 'WTF is this update? I have thrown all of my toys firmly out of my pram' is not terribly constructive is it?

    Personally I quite like the new interface and re-entering my username and password for my SMB shares took about 30 seconds.

  • Existing users are angry because we already paid for DTS support in 2.6.5, it's not some new feature they're charging for, it's something we already paid for.

    If I could go back to 2.6.5 indefinitely and never downgrade to 3.0 I'd be perfectly happy, it was a vastly better app.

  • @Donkeyfumbler: i wrote everything, what was/is problematic for me. not only "wtf is this update?'' hm? problematic from my side is change from simple solution into big non intuitive something, what longer users dont want to accept. this is problem of many others software and start of end of their "bubble".

    EDIT: and yes, 30 second to reentering is fine. for one share disc. but if you have more? and some of them are not yours? and you have not the access information? (because why, sometimes you connect or connected by somebody) now i cannot find it out again. so, from this case i can say bye from lot of my connection and the others must manually reenter. this is not a bug, this is totally f.cking off to all active users of past "best IOS player".


    This is not problem.

    AC3/DTS audio playback is something that Apple won't tolerate unless proper licencing fees are paid out to Dolby/DTS Inc.

    Version 1.8 Dolby audio codec comeback. Version 3.0 DTS audio codec comeback.


    Please open only bugs in http://forum.nplayer.tv/category/8/bug-reports

    Please help us ^^

    My tip for bug-reports:
    Add device + iOS version
    Good info for reproduce

  • @misha

    That is true - you did give more details, which is fine, and I can appreciate you are frustrated but there is no need to be rude just because this is the internet. You would not rush into a shop and shout out 'WTF is this!' to the shop assistant (at least not as the first thing to do). It is possible to point out what you do not like and why without being rude or overly provocative. In my experience, it is always worth trying to be pleasant first and only then, if that goes nowhere, try a different more confrontational approach.

  • @doozethe

    Is that right though? I thought DTS support was only re-introduced in 3.0 this week? It should never have been in the program beforehand as it was not licenced - that is why it was removed a long time ago. Anyone who paid for the app before it was removed had therefore not really 'paid' for it. Then was the time to argue with the developer about it - not now that it has been, legally, re-introduced.

  • @Fixed ok, i try to check it there. i have 4S and 8.4.1 ios

    @Donkeyfumbler of course you are right, but if i buy something and i have not choice to say i dont want to install this update, it is the moment, when i can say "that goes nowhere".

  • I don´t pay 3,99 for a function that i use in the past without problems!
    I payed for this and now you want that i pay again? In the update description is no hint for that!
    Are you serious?

    I can´t play TS files from my Technisat receiver. Why? The TS files are Livestream TV over upnp and worked before update. Why i must pay again? No DTS need, for that. TV with DTS? What a joke.

    This is a NO-GO! Not acceptable!

    Take a look at your appstore rating. I Have payed for this app and i want the function back, that i have allready payed.


    TS files Dolby audio codec?

  • I think so, it is not my problem, how i sayed, worked before. What i find out, i can play my records from Technisat receiver, but no Livestream, when i try a popup appears and tell me you want 3,99 for this function.

    There is no DTS in TV Stream, and it worked before. I can´t play any programm.

    Records= OK
    Livestream= Not OK
    Both from the same receiver.


    Can you post, which audio codec have your TS files?

    I think that is bug.

  • Ok, i try the VLC app and there came the message: Codec not supported a52 Audio (aka AC3)

    But only on Privat HD Programm. VLC play the other programms. Nplayer plays nothing, only the popup came up.


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