Consider making new nPlayer additions optional

  • Hello,
    I just noticed that the version that I was updated in (I have had nPlayer very much since 2.6.5) includes an in-app purchase to get some really nice, but unnecessary for me, features. As a developer, I understand and respect your reasons for not making them available in my upgrade.

    However, I would urge you to reconsider not giving new users the same option - ie, to buy the application in the old price, and if they need the extra functionality, use the in-app purchase to get it.

    My only reason is that I am recommending the app to friends, but they don't like the new price (and only need to play simple media, without DTS etc from a NAS).

    Thank you for your consideration, and do keep up with the great work!


    New user have automatically full version. This in-app purchase is only for old user. When you update from version 1,2 to version 3. See the question from user here (

    Why nPlayer has the new price

  • @Fixed ,
    thank you for your reply! However, I think I was not clear.

    My suggestion was: it might be good for new users to get the same things as the old users (at the old price), and have the option to use the in-app purchase to get all the extra if they want it.

    That way, both the people who want a cheap player that is great get the basic things, and the people who have demanding setups get their thing too.

    Thank you for your time!


    The new price is so.

    Dolby/DTS audio codec support is something that Apple won't tolerate unless proper licencing fees are paid out to Dolby/DTS Inc.

    Do you help all user. The need Dolby/DTS audio codec support. And a future for nPlayer. Thx ^^


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