Playlist creation

  • The old version of nPlayer had no issues with my playlist. It has taken me a few days of trial and error to make my m3u playlist readable in Ver 3. I created very simple playlist on my Raspberry Pi for network streaming both at home and in my car. All I had to do was enter the code: find -name '*.mp3' > playlist.m3u and bam instant playlist in 10 seconds. Supper easy for anyone to use and no need for other program playlist generation. Ver 3 has screwed all of that up. The reason, when I use the code, I get the result ./folder/folder/file.mp3, attempt to use the playlist, and I get the error "No such file or director.". Now, I have to use Notepad++ (over my network) to change the ./ to a / then change all the / to \ These are unnecessary extra steps. Can't the program read both forward and back slashes, VLC does? As I stated before, this worked before in ver 2! Can this be fixed? I hope this helps other users trying to set up M3U playlists.

  • Well the new update broke the above comment to some degree.
    Code for linux
    find . -type f -iname *.mp3|grep -v m3u|sort> 'music.m3u' #find mp3s and create playlist name
    sudo sed 's/..//' playlist.m3u #remove 2 characters (./)

    However, the / and \ issue was resolved and it does not matter but the ./ before file directory for root of folder does??? Playlist.m3u will allow you to stream to your device.
    Hope this helps.


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