MP3s, Dropbox, special characters & ID3tag

  • Hi dev's,

    I've been using (and enjoying) nPlayer for quite a long time. Recently I've also started using it as my default MP3 app so I won't have to use iTunes anymore, just copy and go when I'm at home.

    However, I noticed something when using Dropbox as a content source (don't know if other sources also have this issue, please check these as well), when I have a file on dropbox and it contains an & character, it gets displayed in nPlayer as u0026. This also results in the file not being able to play and/or download.

    Also, when using nPlayer in my car to play MP3s, it display's the filename via bluetooth. Is there a way you can read the ID3 tag and display that over Bluetooth? So instead if "TrackNr Artist - Title.mp3", just show "Artist - Title"? (Perhaps configurable via a setting?).

    Thanks for your support! :)


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