the big freeze

  • Ever since I started using nplayer, the app has been close to, if not THE, best movie player app on my iPhone. The app has, generally, gotten better with time.
    However, there is one problem that began months ago that has gotten worse.
    The app will freeze and only resume if closed and then reopened again. Sometimes this happens twice in the same movie.
    The movies seem to be mkv format, primarily, but the problem has occurred with an avi formatted movie.
    First, the video will freeze but the audio woll continue. When reopened, the player picks up where the audio left off.
    The controls freeze as well and become unresponsive. The freeze does not occur at the same place in replays of the movie sequence.
    But for this issue, the app would be the best player on my phone.


    Need details (e.g nPlayer version,iOS device,iOS version,play in nPlayer local?)
    The sample please (e.g upload to cloud,file hoster) or the video details (use MediaInfo Software)


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